About Us

The actual context

One of the major characteristics of the sport and leisure socio-economic sector is the need to expand across highly complex network systems. Most of these are informal networks, based on personal relationships.

Succeeding in business requires in particular networking excellence. Even more than in other businesses, sport and leisure require an in-depth knowledge of the stakeholders and their motivations, because this sector is more values driven.

Globalisation, competition and the current crisis affect all the actors, even not-for-profit players. Growing, or just surviving, in this context requires strong cultural alignment.

This is where Sport Interface International offers you the benefit of its long-term experience in the sport & leisure sector, backed up by extensive knowledge of the complex decision processes involved.

Our mission

Projet drohme pôle sport Sport Interface

Sport Interface contributes to integrate a transversal strategy and innovation into sustainable sport and active leisure societal developments, by nurturing innovative urban and facilities projects or by assisting flagship events. Sport Interface International and its partners provide, depending of your needs :

Connections to trusted business partners
  • Identification of and introduction to key contacts and meeting with decision makers among the stakeholders of your project, or those involved in your call for tenders;
  • Identification and recruitment of experts who are complementary to your core skills, in order to constitute a multidisciplinary team;
  • Identification and introduction to reliable suppliers;
  • Commercial opportunities canvassing.
Project validation
  • Business intelligence and desk research to assist you in strategic choices;
  • Validation of your project in line with sports sector codes of conduct;
  • Business analysis to tailor services or products to sports sector specificity;
  • Strategic analysis, feasibility studies.
Project facilitation
  • Stakeholder lobbying.
  • Opportunities search.
  • Values alignment.
  • Review of your documents, reports, speeches.
Training and coaching
  • Stakeholder mapping strategy.
  • International network dynamics.
  • Career coaching.

Luc Vandeputte, Sport Interface’s CEO


Luc Vandeputte has more than 35 years of experience throughout challenging organizational and managerial functions. Missions in over 55 countries have forged a solid experience of event and project management in multicultural environments.

Networking oriented, passionate for sport, he privileges a transversal approach, guided by the sports values, for the excellence of projects in the socio-economic sector of sport and leisure. Since late 2011, his approach is inspired by the Circular Economy concept and «Cradle to Cradle».

Our commitment

We believe in loyal business relationships, inspired by respect, integrity and Olympic values. Through fair partnerships, we contribute to our clients’ development and help them to nurture their projects with their own values. Sharing values drives us to sustainable relationships, where people and organisations enhance their potential, to achieve innovation and growth.