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Sport Interface

Sport Interface is an independent company, based in the Brussels Metropolitan Region, the Capital of Europe. Sport Interface is specialized in sustainable project management focusing on sport and recreational. Founded in 2002 by Luc Vandeputte with Hughues Moonen, Sport Interface is now expanding thanks to tied partnerships.

Sport Interface offers services based on multi-sport experience since 1981, from the field up to the highest decision level. This long-term experience in sport & recreational sector gives us the ability to handle transversal issues at the crossroads of the different jobs involved in the project. With our international experience and trusted relationships forged in the sports world, we can guarantee discretion and confidentiality.

The asset of Sport Interface is setting up and leading multidisciplinary teams welded to achieve a goal of excellence as a shadow trusted partner. One of our strengths is the ability to enforce, project by project, trust relationships active for many years, and strong shared values, with partners and selected experts, in highly specialized fields.

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Globalisation and competition affect all the actors, even not-for-profit players. The world is facing paradigm shifts, and so do people’s practice and consumption of sport. In this context, strategy is becoming even more important for everyone who wish to deal in the sector. Growing, or just surviving requires strong cultural alignment and depends on how we address the market.

This is where International Sport Interface offers you the benefit of its long-term experience in the sport & recreational sector, backed up by extensive knowledge of the complex decision processes of management, communication and marketing involved.

One of the major characteristics of the sport and recreational socio-economic sector is the need to expand across highly complex network systems. Most of these networks are informal, based on personal relationships. Succeeding in business requires networking excellence. Even more than in other businesses, sport and recreational require an in-depth knowledge of the stakeholders and their motivations, because this sector is more values driven.



We believe in loyal business relationships, inspired by respectintegrity and Olympic values. Through fair partnerships, we contribute to our clients’ development and help them to nurture their projects with their own values. Sharing values drives us to sustainable relationships, where people and organisations enhance their potential, to achieve innovation and growth.

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Based on a multidisciplinary expertise of sustainable sport and recreational societal developments, International Sport Interface provides strong analytics tools and pragmatic solutions. We contribute to integrate a transversal strategy and innovation with social, environmental and management knowledge, by nurturing innovative urban and facilities projects or by assisting flagship events.

Sport Interface and its experts provide, depending of your needs, strategic consulting in the conception, the feasibility, the implementation and the optimization. We help organisations to build and implement an adequate strategy to achieve their goals in a very multidisciplinary and transversal sector which is sport and recreational.

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