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Optimization of the accessibility, security, mobility and the landscapes – EAU D’HEURE LAKES

Sport Interface with JNC International landed a development study in order to optimize the accessibility, security, mobility and the landscapes. The site of the “Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure” is a tourist and leisure area of 1800 hectares joining multiple lakes and different landscapes such as forests and grasslands. Following the recent development of the tourist […]

Closing the loop in the field of sport and circular economy

At this stage of close collaboration with its partner ICCE (Implementation Center for Circular Economy), Sport Interface and ICCE asbl closed the loop of a 3 years study « Reflexion stratégique sur l’implémentation des principes d’économie circulaire aux infrastructures sportives de proximité de la Région Bruxelles Capitale« . A practical tool will help users generating ideas based […]

Jeremy Paramio Gonzalez

Our new collaborator, Jeremy Paramio Gonzalez, has been hired by Sport Interface late 2016, consecutively to his outstanding contribution to the ICCE (Implementation Center for Circular Economy) projects. Former students of Luc Vandeputte, he applied for traineeship and showed particular skills in sport management. He graduated this same year Master in Physical Education, at the […]