Circular economy and sport facility development

In 2014, Sport Interface partenered with ICCE asbl (Implementation Center for Circular Economy). ICCE has been created by Lateral Thinking Factory to promote circular economy implementation in facilities development. Supported by the Secretary of State in charge of sports facilities of Brussels Region ICCE ans Sport Interface studied innovative development of sport infrastructures. Thanks to his long-time experience, ICCE asbl and his core expert team innovates with a new approach of sport facilities development for Brussels Regio. Considering limitating factors of sport and facilities development, the team focused on a practical bottom up approach integrating circular economy principles. The team also reached to have a global view of sport’s projects emergence in Brussels to report needs for a transversal urban expansion in sport. In order to boost the sport project’s development, institutional and field actors such as Perspective Brussels (Former SAU and ADT), CityDev, Impulse Brussels have been met and connected.


Innovative solutions have popped out of the study and were submitted to Brussels Regio’s sport direction office. These solutions responded to evident lack of space in big cities like Brussels, and considered the evolution of sport practice as shown in the sport’s cadastre of Brussels. On another hand, ICCE asbl has been involved into the Regio’s current project of sport facilities development. Participation has been taken on the Ceria Campus site renewal and on others strategic fields of Brussel’s urban expansion in Saint Gilles and Forest. Last but not least, a synthesis of the legislation and subsidies for sport’s projects and facilities has been reported as a guide to improve field efficiency in sport’s project management.


After Brussel’s Regio shown interest in some of the submitted solutions, a deeper investigation has been made to translate the feasibility of these projects. ICCE asbl also strengthened his relationship with institutional urban development actor such as Perspective Brussels to plan the expansion of sport facilities in Tour et Taxi strategic zone. Gare de l’Ouest strategic zone has also been selected for a proposition of expansion plan subsequent to an analysis of major needs in sport infrastructure for Brussels Regio. This year’s guide plan was about optimal materials and conditions for constructing an ecologic farm, allowing a more sustainable energy management, on the roof of sport facilities.

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