DROH!ME : Rehabilitation of the “Hippodrome de Uccle-Boitsfort” in an inspiring Melting park for Brussels

The so-called “Hippodrome de  Uccle-Boitsfort” is a former horse race venue which has not been used as such since the 90’s. Since then, it has been partly transformed in a golf club and the rest of that magnificent area had been used for one-shot activities.

Sport Interface has been working on the future of the Hippodrome for a while now.  We had indeed contributed to a first call of tenders for a major leisure park there in 2008 but the Brussels » Government had decided at that time not to assign to the selected group and to review the conditions of this project.  See more here

In November 2012, the Government decided to issue a new call of tenders for a 15 years concession.  As an evidence, Sport Interface join again the same team initiated by Vo Group. The reviewed project led this group to be the winning candidate among 7 applicants.

The Team

Promoter and investor: Vo Group and investors gathered in Drohme Invest sa

  • Architecture : Art & Build
  • Urbanism : Art & Build and JNC International
  • Landscaping : JNC International
  • Sport and active leisure: Sport Interface


VO Group is developing the project in line with a set of values :

  • Develop a sustainable activity for a large audience, that is to say aiming different generations
  • Leverage on the link with the forest of Soignes
  • Respect the spatial qualities of the venue

Next to those prerequisites based on the characteristics of the area itself, the project ambitions to reach the following major social goals:

  • Create social utility and sustainable happiness for all the generations
  • Give an important place to nature and biodiversity in town
  • Create intergenerational links
  • Develop a new attractive location in Brussels


The meeting point of all those prerequisites has given birth to an inspiring, unique and fun project : Droh!me.  In that Melting Park educational, recreational and fun activities will coexist organized around 5 poles : Sport, Nature, Culture, Education and Relaxation.

Droh!me and Sport Interface

Sport Interface contributes to the development of sport and active leisure activities in the Droh!me Melting Park. Next to the golf, the ring where the horses races once took place will be transformed to become a real sport spot. As major innovation already confirmed, a 1000m2 synthetic skating rink will be set as well as an 18 holes mini-golf. The rest of the program is yet to come: a great challenge for Sport Interface and the Droh!me Group team.

Projet drohme pôle sport Sport Interface

Droh!me Melting Park, map of the site with the different sport areas in which Sport Interface will collaborate

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