FIBO 2017

On Friday 8 April, Sport Interface attended in Cologne the FIBO, the Leading International Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Healt.

We came there to track the latest trends and innovation of the fitness market. The least we can say is that the event hold our excitement all day long as we deepened into what fitness will become in a near future. Most of the innovation could be summarized in one word: integration.

On one hand, the market of “health and social interested” persons. Some of the market leaders are developing innovative ways of performance tracking, daily challenges, and offering an environment-integrated experience to the end customer. They are paying effort to integrate playful challenges and social medias through new technologies into what could be an annoying exercise. Even more, new manufacturers on the market are now developing virtual reality, and crossing video games world with fitness.

Take a look at what will be a normal journey to the gym within 5 years :

“I’m going to my usual gym, with my personal wristband. I take place in the spinning lesson and scan it to my bike. As the lesson begins, the spinning coach is standing on a bike next to the giant screen. He tells me to slower down as I’m burning my energy too fast. How can he know that? After initial testing, all my performance data’s have been registered in the gym’s informatic system and are now used to stream my performance on the screen. Now a landscape of mountains is appearing on it and the coach is splitting us in two teams. We’ll have to run the next 10 km spending more kcal than our competitors. We lost, but anyway it was fun. I’ll do this challenge on my own another time: I just need to scan my wristband on a bike so I can load today’s performance into it and run this challenge against my-self another day. Maybe I’ll capture a movie of my effort and tweet my new performance. I now come back home and my smartphone rings. It is my friend, Dan, he just send me a challenge through the fitness phone application : he dares me to run 5 km on a treadmill faster than him. I’ll beat him next time I go to the gym! “

On the other hand, the market of sport performers. New forms of functional fitness are emerging. Changing the design of fitness equipment, and the exercises you may practice into a more creative form is bringing a refreshing touch to what outdoor fitness is today. Some ideas are coming from cross sport approach. Adding gymnastics or climbing tackles into current fitness equipment creates a new way to train, in between sport and fitness practice.  Sport Interface will take benefit from these innovations to inspire its client’s development.

Jeremy Paramio, Executive Assistant

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