Jeremy Paramio Gonzalez

Jeremy PARAMIO GONZALEZ, has been hired by Sport Interface late 2016, consecutively to his outstanding contribution to the ICCE (Implementation Centre for Circular Economy) projects. Former students of Luc Vandeputte, he applied for traineeship and showed particular skills in sport management. He graduated this same year Master in Physical Education, at the Motricity Sciences Faculty of Université Libre de Bruxelles.

His passion for sport has been shown trough is involvement into early practice but also coaching and physical preparation since 2008. As his interest in sport management increased, he completed a 2-year Master of specialization in management science at the Solvay Business school of Université Libre de Bruxelles. He is now willing to develop his skills and face new challenges with Sport Interface.

His excellent analysis, logic, IT and creation skills coming from his scientific-based studies and previous jobs, such as smartphone application developer, assistant accountant or teacher, makes him very versatile. He has got a fresh approach of social medias and young generation’s issues, particularly in sports, that gives Sport Interface a more comprehensive vision of these new fields.

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