Major sport events and other relevant experiences

Our team has broad and varied major sport events and other relevant experiences

The  joint expertise of Sport Interface Team, i.e. Luc Vandeputte, Thierry Berger, Roland Groignet, Jonathan Bulens, Lorenzo Santoni, Damir Stajner, results amongst other from former leaders of international sports organizations such as FISU, Olympics, Cycling team, FIBA events. Our combined set of experiences lead us to missions related to the organization of major sporting events (as early as the Universiades Mexico in 1979).

Our team consists of internationally recognized professionals with extensive worldwide team experience in major sports organizations such as:

  • Belgium (FISU HQ 1979-2000, Belgium-Holland bid for the FIFA World Cup 2018, City-Events Forum 2010, Crelan-Euphony Pro Cycling Team 2011-2013, VIP & hospitality on major cycling events)
  • Brazil (2016 Rio Olympics, cancelled 1989 Sao Paulo Universiade)
  • Bulgaria (1983-1989 Sofia Winter Universiade)
  • Canada (1982 Edmonton Universiade)
  • France (Paris candidate city 2012, and several major venues)
  • P.R. China (Beijing 2001 Universiades)
  • Germany (Duisburg 1989 Universiades)
  • Italy (Sicily 1997 Universiades)
  • Japan (Kobe 1985 Universiade, Saporo 1991 Winter Universiade, Fukuoka 1995 Universiade)
  • Korea (1997 Chonju Muju Winter Universiade)
  • Qatar (2009 Marine Festival)
  • Romania (Bucharest 1981 Universiade)
  • Russia (Kazan 2013 Universiade)
  • Serbia (European Championship Kayak and Canoe 2007, Universiade Belgrade 2009, European Championship Handball 2012)
  • Spain (1999 Palma de Mallorca Universiades, 2007 Palma Basketball European Championship)
  • United Kingdom (Sheffield 1991 Universiade, London 2012 Olympics)
  • United States (Buffalo 1993 Universiade)
  • Yugoslavia (Zagreb 1987 Universiade)