Mathieu Depoorter

Mathieu DEPOORTER has developed environmental expertise in the research community. Doctor in glaciology, he has worked on greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, melting ice, rising sea levels, extreme weather events and terrestrial biology.

He worked as a freelancer and entrepreneur on revaluation projects for brewery waste, electronic waste and batteries. He resumed the work of circularity indicators undertaken by the “Ellen Macarthur Foundation” and worked on projects such as the implementation of the Circular Economy Principles in Sport within the ICCE (Implementation Center for Circular Economy), in collaboration with Sport Interface.

Today, Mathieu works at Ecores in the Climate-Energy and Circular Economy clusters and develops circular economy projects in Brussels and Luxembourg. For example, it coordinates the IRISPHERE regional inter-company synergy program and the Regional Program in Circular Economy (be.circular) of the Brussels-Capital Region. He is also working on climate change adaptation projects in cities and desert areas.

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