Men Basketball European Championship

Men Basketball European Championship, 4 teams, 4 days of competition


Roland Groignet served as Director of the Local Organising Committee in Palma de Mallorca. He acted during his 13-month stay, with responsibilities covering all areas.  He also was Board Member of the Central Organization Committee in Madrid.

He managed the set-up and the growth of the LOC Offices, from a 1-person operation to 250 workers within 10 months.

The last stretch of the mission took place in an extremely sensitive political and financial context after a controversial political shift which occurred at local government level 3 months before the event

Due to the complexities and antagonism of the stakeholders, he acted as a consensus-building and trusted facilitator to the benefit of all parties involved.

In that context, Roland was responsible for the implementation of all aspects including : Planning and Operations Management, Event Management: manual rules & regulations implementation, Brand Management, Contracts Administration

  • The 6000-seats arena was under construction, when Roland start got his position and was still unfinished by the time of the event.
  • He assessed the Menorca Island Arena venue for the organization of the additional Qualifying Tournament, the last stage before the European Championship. The venue had to be re-configured to meet the International Basketball Federation requirements. Another Arena had been fitted to meet the requirements as part of a “Plan B”.
  • Roland covered the following areas : Project Management (budgeting, events, arena construction), Facility Management (managed facility functions’ setting up, operational needs and requirements)
  • In addition, he activated the implementation of operational plans for: marketing, broadcast communication, ticketing, hospitality, transportation, accommodation and protocol.
  • He also initiated and managed creative international promotional activities directed towards the German market which included the participation to the Berlin Travel Fair and the Köln All Star Game
  • The unfinished venue implied a drastic overhaul in all aspects of crowd movement inside the venue especially regarding safety and evacuation
  • With Palma de Mallorca being the summer holiday spot for the Spanish Royal Family and the terrorist threats by ETA, the Security and Risk aspects combined with the Protocol added to the complexity of the mission
  • Community-reaching CSR programs had been developed in cooperation with UNICEF and local charities
  • He ensured the knowledge transfer to the benefit of the Balearic Basketball Federation and trained local officials as well as international and local volunteer workforce.
  • The mission ended with the post-event reporting



Local Organising Committee


Roland Groignet

Key areas of assistance

Audit, know-how transfer, training,

field operations, crisis management