Qatar Marine Festival – 2008

Mission description :

The Qatar Marine Festival (QMF) is a Government entity which had been set up in order to raise the international awareness of Qatar through a unique combination of 62 cultural, educational, sport and environmental events

Roland Groignet as Marketing Director, and Lorenzo Santoni as Marketing Supervisor were empowered to activate the Master Plan, managing a team of 8 international experts. The scope was to determine levels of service, develop service level agreements, evaluate tenders, create timelines, source and check performance of service providers, develop policies and procedures, develop a risk management plan for each area within the Marketing Department

The responsibilities also involved the production of all documents for the Tendering Process in the following areas: marketing, sponsorship, brand/image/look, ticketing, licensing and merchandising and CSR programs.

In addition, Lorenzo Santoni was involved in the supervision of the Venues department for the Marketing operational plans

Employer :

  • Qatar Marine Festival Organizing Committee

Experts :

Key areas assistance :

  • Planning & Organisation