Sport Events Assistance

Assistance in sport and active leisure events

Sport Interface (Brussels) in partnership with his pool of experts is pleased to present a joint expertise.

Thanks to their experience and recent innovative approaches, especially regarding the transfer of knowledge to the organising teams targeting a long term legacy, the Sport Interface Team is able to meet your expectations of independent assistance such as:

  • The operational aspects of an organization and its master plan
  • The development and steering of technical files
  • The monitoring project of the organization
  • The growth and training of the teams of the OC
  • The multi-criteria analysis of the final results

Sport Interface’s competences built in other areas of sports, marketing and international organizations, gives the Sport Interface Team a unique and recognized positioning in the sports market.

The team brings a signature of “shadow” technical and operational assistance, totally compatible with the existing teams in place.


General Management
  • Brainstorming with the organisation’s executives to identify the field where our team needs to contribute
  • Focus group with a selection of key managers
Field Operation Audit
  • Event Management
  • Media/Sport, other infrastructures related to the event
  • Security, transport, health, sustainable
  • Marketing, Finance, Economy
  • Training, Human Resources
  • Lodging, catering
Advice and assistance with staff recruitment and retention
  • Training and Transfer of know-how projects, resource and budgeting, risk management
  • Preparing business cases, project management cases per department
  • Negotiation, team building skills

Planning operations and mentoring

Plannification of the operations
  • Develop strategic plan for the event including post-event management & knowledge legacy
  • Review the event’s governance structure related to new & on-going clients
  • Help & assist to achieve a high performing & evolving organization & venues
  • Advise & continually adjust the event’s Master Plan
  • Review & advise of the existing marketing programme
  • Advise on organisation growth, its efficiency & effectiveness
  • Liaison with the event governing body, international sport federations & various governmental bodies
  • Advise on the existing local & international regulatory framework conflict, if required
  • Advise on existing operating models to adjust for key functional areas (e.g. transport, accommodation, catering, sport venues, Information Technology, etc.)

Monitoring fit & intend

Monitoring fit of the strategic plan

  • Identification of target areas with the OC managers
  • Assessment of the state of progress related to event governing body requirements

Assist to prioritise and continually adjust the master plan

  • Setting priorities with key departments and local stakeholders and continuous adjustment of Master Plan

Monitoring intend and fit of functional departments

  • Risk assessment and issue management
  • Quality “checkpoint” reviews
  • Operational/“go-live” readiness
  • Post-implementation review and support