Sustainable Sport Societal Developments

Defining sustainable criterias

Sport Interface, together with Lateral Thinking Factory, combine both their know-how and expertise to provide a contextual analysis leading up to innovative and cost effective solutions.

LTF has defined an inclusive approach to manage initial reflection/decision phases, through the respect of all stakeholders involved, in order to maximise effectiveness.

Our team creates a specific dashboard of criteria and achievements defined and validated through the process: this is what we brand the “Mixing Table”. This report is defined through several activities, such as multidisciplinary and collaborative workshops, engaging experts aimed at identifying consistent solutions which will be validated throughout the sessions.

Main components

  • Audit/Inventory/Kickoff: exploring space for innovation through positive thinking
  • Goal Settings: ideas generation and team building through gamestorming
  • Cross-Thematic workshops: design thinking through collaborative working
  • Mixing Table Generation: Achievements scopes through Lateral Thinking

Exploring new pathways

Exploring new pathways -or alternative solutions- integrating local values is the goal of our missions.  The complexity of project development increasingly requires new ways of thinking we integrate in the processes we invite our clients in for idea generation.

Strategic choices are not easy in both globalisation and fast moving consumers needs.  The threat of obesity is growing dramatically and requires very short terms solutions.  Physical activity has a growing competitor: digital devices.  Solutions might arise at the cross road of the Real and Virtual Worlds.

Exploring all opportunities, with no intellectual barriers, is what motivates Sport Interface Team.

Sport Interface Team, the trends watcher agency, together with your team, nurtures a brainstorming process “Exploring New Pathways” to:

  • clarify your challenge
  • focus on your main values
  • identify the opportunities
  • find smooth transversal synergies
  • generate cross-fertilisation
  • point out innovative solutions
  • enhance your team decision making achievement

« We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used
when we created them. »
Albert Einstein