Universiade Belgrade 2009

Mission description:

Universiade (World University Games) is the largest multisport event organized for students from all around the world.

Damir Stajner was appointed to be Head of Volunteer Department for Universiade Belgrade 2009. The volunteer project was in major delay and the Organizing Committee decided to hire a person in charge for this project just a year and a half before the beginning of the Games.

It was necessary to design the project, to set the vision, mission and goals of the project, to prepare the major key milestones, to detect relevant stakeholders and to make agreements with them, to plan all needs for the programme, to create organizing structure of volunteer department, to prepare procedures for management of volunteers and to manage the work of 10000 volunteers.

Special request given by Serbian Government was to create the legacy programme for volunteers after finish of Universiade Belgrade 2009.



–       Organizing Committee of XXV Summer Universiade Belgrade 2009



–       Damir Stajner


Key areas assistance:

 –       Planning and Organization

–       Training of volunteers

–       Operational management