Our Missions

Sport Interface International and its partners provide, depending of your needs :

Strategic consulting

  • Market research that will give you gidelines about the issues you are facing. In exemple : whether a kind of infrastructure is best than another to reach your objective, how to differenciate to get more members, how to operationalize you ideas, …
  • Providing concrete tools for decision support
  • Helping in implementation of a sustainable sport strategy, regarding the principles of circular economy

Connections to trusted business partners

  • Identification of and introduction to key contacts and meeting with decision makers among the stakeholders of your project, or those involved in your call for tenders;
  • Identification and recruitment of experts who are complementary to your core skills, in order to constitute a multidisciplinary team;
  • Identification and introduction to reliable suppliers;
  • Commercial opportunities canvassing.

Project validation

  • Business intelligence and desk research to assist you in strategic choices;
  • Validation of your project in line with sports sector codes of conduct;
  • Business analysis to tailor services or products to sports sector specificity;
  • Strategic analysis, feasibility studies.

Project facilitation

  • Stakeholder lobbying.
  • Opportunities search.
  • Values alignment.
  • Review of your documents, reports, speeches.

Training and coaching

  • Stakeholder mapping strategy.
  • International network dynamics.
  • Career coaching.